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Let us help you find the best product managers

Our goal is to help companies connect with top product management talent by having experienced PM's vet applications.


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Looking for a PM job?

How does it work?

Fill out our job application. There are some product-specific questions to help us understand your thought process.

Application Review

Our interviewers will review your applications and we will reach out to you when we add you to our PM database.

Get a Job!

Once you're added to our candidate database, companies will reach out to you if there's a fit!


For Employers

If you're looking to hire vetted PM's, you are in the right place!

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January 16, 2025

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How does it work?

Fill out our hiring application. 

Get Contacted

You will be contacted with PM matches of PM's who are pre-vetted via PM specific questions.

Hire a PM!

We will help you through the process to contact the candidate and help with various interview needs till hiring.

Who vets the candidates?

We have product managers who have several years of experience read through the applications of candidates and before selecting them to add to our database.

Can you help with more?

We can also have our experienced PM's conduct video interviews for your company, this can especially be useful if it's your first PM hire. We conduct general video interviews, product sense, product analytics, product design, and product execution interviews. 

How much does this cost?

For vetted application-only candidates, you do not pay until they're hired. Upon hiring, we charge 12% of first year's salary.

For video interviews, we have an upfront cost of $100 each 45-minute interview and 10% of first year's salary upon hiring.



Recruit PM started because it is incredibly difficult to find and hire product managers as well as for product managers to apply for jobs and get contacted by recruiters. We want to solve this problem by having PM's who are experienced in the craft vetting applications and providing other services like video interviews to cut down company costs in hiring PM's. If you are a startup looking for a first PM hire, contact us with your needs for a full interview package!

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Some of our application reviewers:

Tanmayi Sai, Senior PM @ Zynga

Amir Zur, Senior PM @ Zynga